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The Musselman – new short film

small world productions musselman musselpower project offshore shellfish documentary

Out in the middle of Lyme Bay off the English South coast is, to my mind, a pioneering project in producing shellfish protein on a massive scale. John and Nick Holmyard and family are coming to the fruition of a 10 year vision of growing mussels offshore. If they succeed, which I am sure they will, the benefits could be enormous when replicated around the world. The advantages are obvious. More space to work in and at full capacity the Offshore Shellfish sites covering a relatively small area of sea could produce as much mussel tonnage per year as all the mussel farms of Scotland. And just as important, offshore the water is constantly clean so the mussels are less vulnerable to the inshore threats…

Bafta masterclass

Director of Small World Productions Justyn Jones took part in a Bafta masterclass yesterday at the University of South Wales , Atrium Cinema, Cardiff, for the film 'Jamie Baulch- Looking for My Birth Mum.' Justyn,who produced-directed the film for Avanti Media joined, Jamie and development producer/AP Connie Fisher in answering questions from students after a a screening of the film which won Bafta Cymru Best Single Documentary 2015. It was revealed by Jamie that following the last film, which went out on BBC 1 UK network  after two screenings  on BBC Wales, several people told Jamie that they had adopted children purely as a consequence of watching the film. "That just shows that films like this can make a real difference," said Jamie, who is...

BBC World – Earth Report – Dolphins

TX: March 2006 RT: 24 mins Title: ’Death Beneath the Waves’ Territory : Worldwide. Thousands of cetaceans, dolphins-whales and propoises, are killed eached in fishing nets in the North East Atlantic.Some wash up dead on the beaches of Britian and France showing the telltale wounds of having struggled desperately to set themselves free. ’Death Beneath Waves’ reports on efforts by campaigners and governments to reduce the level of by catch and the effect on the populations. The film also covers the issue of bottlenose dolphin attack on porpoises. Film available through : www.specialiststock.com

Channel 4 – ’Inside Quarantine’, Undercover Britain

TX: 1998 RT: 30 mins Title: ’Inside Quarantine’, Undercover Britain Territory: UK. Is Britain’s quarantine system a safe barrier to rabies ? Lindsay Hawdon investigates by going undercover as a kennel maid inside a selection of quarantine kennels. Lindsay discovers appalling conditions in some kennels and tries to comfort a couple of dogs which die inside quarantine. The film challenges the effectiveness of the quarantine system and helped change the law. Winner : International Documentary, Genesis Awards, Los Angeles 98

Channel 4 – ’It’s a Dog’s Life,’ Countryside Undercover

TX: 1998 RT: 30 mins Title: ’It’s a Dog’s Life,’ Countryside Undercover Territory: UK. This multi-award winning, controversial and groundbreaking documentary exposed cruelty and bad practice inside a top British animal testing laboratory. The film followed undercover diarist Zoe Broughton as she looked after beagle dogs used for testing drugs. The film led to a full Home Office investigation into the allegations, a review of procedures within Government, two convictions for cruelty, and changes in the law. Winner: Scoop of the Year, BEMA Awards, London 1997. Winner : International Documentary, Genesis Awards, Los Angeles 1997 Film available through: www.specialiststock.com

Discovery Channel – ’Wings Over Africa’, The Professionals

TX: 1996 RT: 60 mins Title: ’It’s a Dog’s Life,’ Countryside Undercover Territory: Worldwide. This beautifully shot observational documentary follows the lives of bush pilots based in Loki Choki, Northern Kenya, as they fly hazardous aid missions to refugees from the civil war in the rebel held enclaves of Sudan. Narrated by Zoe Wanamaker Filmed and directed by Sebastian Rich Film available through : www.specialiststock.com

BBC World – Earth Report – Is Green the New Black ?

Small Word TV Fashion
TX: April 2008 RT: 30 mins An investigation into whether ethical fashion can sweep through the shops and make a real difference in saving the planet or whether it is just tokenism. Film features organic cotton production in Kutch region of Gujurat, India, supplying organic cotton to big retailers like M&S. Part 2 concentrates on recycled  fashion including the charity Bottletop which makes handbags out of bottetops and drink can ring pulls, and Patagonia’s fleeces made from old soda bottles, - recycled clothing now being copied by M&S.
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