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Making a Killing

Title : Making a Killing Client : British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection ( BUAV) Year : 1999 Duration : 20 mins This harrowing film is derived from an undercover operation by BUAV inside a beagle breeding establishment. It follows the lives of the beagles and shows that  some are killed even before they reach the laboratories because they are either unsuitable for experimentation or surplus to requirements.

A Life Worth Living

Title : A Life Worth Living Client : Help the Aged Year : 1998 Duration : 20 mins This film is about older people talking directly about the issues that affect their lives. It features two reporters from Scotland, a reporter from the Midlands and a couple from Brixton, London. Through their eyes we are taken through the trials and joy of older people living in the UK today. Available to view at : http://blip.tv/small-world-productions/help-the-aged-4802879

Cutting Edge

Title : Cutting Edge Client : British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection Year: 2002 Duration: 20 mins This film derived from an undercover operation by BUAV inside the animal testing laboratories at Cambridge University. The film features the alleged mistreatment of marmoset monkeys in research into diseases, including research into the brain. Extracts from this film featured in a BBC Newsnight exclusive with further showings on all major BBC News programmes and many articles in the national press.

Forgotten Children

Title: Forgotten Children Client: Save the Children Year: 2000 Duration: 20 mins approx Narrated by James Purefoy This films follows the lives of children in Angola, Kosovo, and Columbia who have been forced to flee their homes because of war and violence. The film shows how these children try to survive by living on the streets, the psychological and emotional damage to their lives, and the efforts to help them.

The other 500 years

Title : The Other 500 Years Client : Indigenous and Landless Movement of Brazil Year: 2000 Duration: 8 mins approx This film was made by a group of Brazilian film makers supported by Small World Productions and featured the alternative  view of  the 500 year history of Brazil since Columbas, that of repression of the indigenous people. It features protest behind the scenes at official celebrations. Producer : Nina Simoes

Poisoning for Profit

Title: Poisoning for Profit Client: British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection (BUAV) Year: 2004 Duration: 20 mins Narrated by Jenny Seagrove This film is derived out of a long undercover operation supported by BUAV inside a  contract animal testing laboratory in Germany. It shows the alleged mistreatment of monkeys and caused a storm in the German media including court against the investigators by multinational. For more information contact ; buav.org.uk  
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